Policies & Rules

COVID Policies

Palmetto Region COVID Policies – all teams must read

Tournament Formats

Please note, there will be no coaches meeting prior to the tournament. A rules and formats sheet will be given to each coach at team check-in, and can also be downloaded here.

Rules That Can Result in Fines and/or Sanctions

    Teams MUST notify the Palmetto Region AND the tournament host for any change or withdrawal AND receive an email back from us confirming change, which is your protection to avoid a sanction or fine. If withdrawal is inside deadlines, fine and/or sanctions will be imposed and must be paid prior to club participating in any future events. Note that if you enter a team and have not paid, you are still responsible for entry and/or fines.
    If you are registered in AES, paid or not, you are assumed to be attending. If you have not emailed or called and received a response, you will be responsible for the tournament entry fee and applicable fines. No shows at the tournament will be held to the same fines as a team withdrawing inside 48 hours.
    Requests to move divisions from original registration will be considered for acceptance by the date of new request. Keep in mind this can take you from accepted to a wait position. If you want to change division, email the region and tournament host with specific information – name of club, name of team, tournament, currently registered division, and new division. This applies whether your entry is paid or unpaid. Notifications must be in writing to both host and region. You must receive a written response from the Region in order to avoid fines.

Withdrawal Deadlines & Penalties

Single Day TournamentsMulti-Day Tournament*Fine / Sanctions
4 Weeks Prior6 Weeks PriorLoss of entry fee
3 Weeks Prior4 Weeks PriorLoss of entry fee and $50 fine
5 Days Prior
( Must call and speak with someone on phone)
2 Weeks Prior
(Must call and speak with someone on phone)
Loss of entry fee and $100 fine
Within 48 hrs
call and speak with someone on phone)
Within 5 days
(Must call and speak with someone on phone)
Loss of entry fee, fine of $150, and sanction
 *Multi-day tournaments prior to Jan. 15 will have the same deadlines as Single Day tournaments. 

Out of Region Team Withdrawals

Teams outside Palmetto Region must abide by same rules. Clubs who withdraw late and fail to submit to guidelines outlined above will be placed on sanction list and no teams from your club will be allowed to participate in future Palmetto Region tournaments until late fee is settled.

USAV Rosters

Teams must bring two printed copies of your official SportsEngine team roster to each tournament. In-Region teams who show up without a official printed SportsEngine roster, or participants not listed on roster, the club will be fined $50 on 1st offense, $100 on 2nd offense in same season. Out of Region teams who don’t use SportsEngine may print an AES roster.