The January Jam tournament will follow a traditional AM/PM wave format, with a guaranteed 3 matches on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Tournament registration will open on November 15th through AES.

Tournament schedule is posted on AES:

Wave Schedules

AM Wave – 8:00am Start Time
13/14 Power
16 Power

PM Wave – 2:30pm Start Time
12 Power
15 Power
17/18 Power

Play on Sunday will begin at 8:00am. All teams will advance to bracket play on Sunday.

Team Check-In

Team check-in will be held on Friday from 6-8:30pm and Saturday from 7-8:30am and 1-2pm at the Charleston Area Convention Center. Pre-ordered wristbands will be available for pickup during this time.

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    • Julie, there are no food tables allowed in this facility, including in the lobby. Concession stands will be open.

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